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Winter Blahs in Your Marriage -- How to Beat the Winter Blues Together

Does your marriage have the winter blues?


Photo Credit: ©Sonja Cohen
Photo Credit: ©Sonja Cohen Photo Credit: ©Sheri Stritof
Photo Credit: ©Sheri Stritof Photo Credit: ©Sonja Cohen
Photo Credit: ©Sonja Cohen

With cloudy, drab, dreary, cold, snowy, windy, wintry days dragging on, you may find yourselves suffering from the winter blahs. Here are ways to wipe the winter blues out of your marriage.

How to Beat the Winter Blahs in Your Marriage

  • Exercise with one another.
  • Create more light in your home to brighten it up.
  • Plan and take a few short, overnight type trips together.
  • When the sun shines get outside and enjoy it with one another.
  • Play in the snow together or build a snowman.
  • Visit a zoo, petting zoo, or living farm together.
  • Take a class together or learn something new together on your own.
  • Look at the flowers in a store and select a bouquet to take home.
  • Walk together on a wintry beach.
  • Play some of your favorite childhood board games.
  • Take a walk in the rain with each other.
  • Plan a garden or some landscaping projects together.
  • Cook a gourmet style meal together.
  • If you can afford it, take a trip to a warmer place.
  • Get on an elevator together and try to start a conversation with the other people in the elevator.

Inventory Your Own Town and Locale For Special Places

Do some brainstorming with each other as to where you can find these special places, then make plans to visit each one together.
  • Best place to spend a romantic afternoon or evening together.
  • Best romantic spot that is in a natural setting.
  • Best place to enjoy a kiss with one another.
  • Best romantic ice cream soda shoppe.
  • Some places nearby you've never visited but would like to explore.
  • Best paths for a leisurely walk together.
  • Best theater for watching romantic movies.

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