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Love and Sex in Marriage


Sex can keep your marriage strong and lack of sex can destroy your marriage. When there are sexual problems in your marriage, there is quite possible that the two of you will separate within 12 months. Two ways to keep your sex life active is to make time for one another and to talk with each other.
  1. Celebrate Your Anniversaries
  2. Increase and Improve Romance
  3. Common Sexual Problems in Marriage
  4. Deal With Sexual Problems
  5. Cope With a Cheating Spouse

Celebrate Your Anniversaries

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Your wedding anniversaries deserve to be celebrated in memorable ways. When you celebrate your wedding anniversary each year it is an annual renewal of your commitment to one another.

Increase and Improve Romance

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Let your spouse know of your love and caring not only through your words but through your actions, too.

Common Sexual Problems in Marriage

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Lack of sex is the number one complaint we hear about married sex. Pornography, masturbation, infidelity, and sexual fantasies are other common sexual problems in marriages. Separating facts from myths when it comes to these issues is the first step in solving these sexual problems. The second step is talking with one another about these issues.

Deal With Sexual Problems

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Lack of communication about sexual problems and lack of caring can tear your marriage apart. If you have waited several months to talk about intimacy problems with your spouse, you've waited too long. But before you try spicing up your sex life with bedroom toys, sex advice books, or sexy lingerie, work on your communication skills and spend more time with each other.

Cope With a Cheating Spouse


If you are trying to cope after learning that your spouse cheated on you, remember that you are not the reason your spouse was unfaithful. The decision to have an affair was made by your spouse. Here's advice on what to do and what not to do during this difficult time.

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