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Easy and Practical Ways to Help Make Your Marriage Last

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Ways to Show Your Love


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For your marriage to last many years, it is important that you show your love for one another on a regular basis.

That means daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, taking a few minutes, even seconds, to put your spouse first on your priority list.


Spend at least 10 minutes a day focused on one another without the distraction of your kids, the TV, the phone, etc.
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Kiss your spouse in the morning, before leaving the house, when you go to bed, and several other times during the day and evening.
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Say I Love You.
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Hug your spouse several times each day.
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Affirm something your spouse said or did and say something nice.
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Be kind to your spouse.
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Do something caring and romantic for your spouse.
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Don't criticize your spouse.
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Laugh together.
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Hide some love notes for your spouse.
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Do a few things together, like working in the yard, taking a walk, watching a favorite movie, or planning and cooking dinner.
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Encourage both yourself and your spouse to have some alone time.
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Plan and have a date night with one another.
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Celebrate your anniversary. Write a letter to each other recommitting yourselves to your marriage.
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DecideM together how you will celebrate holidays.
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Make a big deal about your birthdays.
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Fight fair.
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Don't try to change your spouse.
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Be willing to forgive.
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Don't expect your spouse to be a mind reader and don't try to be a mind reader.
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Consider attending a marriage enrichment weekend or workshop.
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Accept that there will be some small issues that you two will never resolve and that it is normal in successful marriages.
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