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Political Marriages

Information about the marriages and lives of married couples in the world of politics.
  1. US Presidential Marriages
  2. Mayors -- U.S. (5)
  3. Supreme Court Justices (5)
  4. Governors -- U.S. (18)
  5. Insiders -- U.S. (15)
  6. Representatives -- U.S. (15)
  7. Senators -- U.S. (20)

Denis and Margaret Thatcher
Denis and Margaret Thatcher were supportive and respectful of one another throughout their long lasting marriage.

Marriages of 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates
Here's information about the marriages of the declared Republican Presidential candidates for the 2012 election.

Quotes About the Marriage of Michelle and Barack Obama
Michelle and Barack Obama speak often about their marriage. Here are some quotes about their life together.

In the Midst of Scandal, Why Political Wives Stand By Their Men
Political wives in the midst a sex scandal involving their husbands often face public humiliation and literally stand by their unfaithful husbands at press conferences. Why? Why do political wives stand by their husbands? Here are some answers and comments about scandals in political marriages.

North Korea's mystery woman Ri Sol-ju is not Kim Jong-un's lover or sister --...
The mystery woman in North Korea's Kim Jong-un's life is not his sister or lover -- she is his wife.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Anne Sinclair Marriage Profile
When allegations of sexual assault were charged against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, his wife Anne Sinclair stood by his side. Here's more information about their marriage.

Suzanne and Hosni Mubarak Marriage Profile
Here is information about the May-December marriage of Hosni and Suzanne Mubarak.

Kati Marton and Richard Holbrooke Marriage
Richard Holbrooke and Kati Marton both considered their marriage to one another to match the phrase "the third time is the charm." Here is information concerning how they met and their marriage.

Michael Aris and Aung San Suu Kyi Marriage Profile
Believing their love for one another would help them triumph over the Myanmar authorities, the marriage of Aung San Suu Kyi and Michael Aris was severely tested by her house arrests. The last time that Suu and Michael saw one another was in 1995 when he visited her in Burma at Christmas. Here is information about their wedding, children, and...

Graca Machel and Nelson Mandela Marriage Profile
For Nelson Mandela, the third time is the charm in his marriage to Graca Machel. Graca is not only the first African woman to become a British dame, she is also the only woman to hold the title of "first lady" to two presidents from two different countries. Here is information about their marriage.

Mir Hossein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard Marriage Profile
Considered by many to be a "two-for-one package" in 2009 Iranian election, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard campaigned together. Here is more information on how they met, their children, and more.

Political Marriages in the News
Although some political consultants believe that the marriage of a politician doesn't really matter, there is quite a bit of interest in political marriages. Here are political marriages that are in the news.

Michelle Paige and David Paterson Marriage Profile
Thrust quickly into the media spotlight, the marriage of Michelle and David Paterson appears to be on solid ground and ready for the challenge. Here is information about the marriage of David and Michelle Paterson.

Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy Marriage Profile
Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy are the first French presidential couple to have a baby while in office.

Emily and James Clyburn Marriage Profile
Not every couple with a long lasting marriage can say they met in jail, but that is how James and Emily met while they were both in college. Here is information on their marriage, children, and more.

Benazir Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari Marriage Profile
Benazir Bhutto's arranged marriage to Asif Zardari surprised many people. Here is information about their arranged marriage, how they met, their wedding, children, and more.

Ban Ki-moon and Yoo Soon-taek Marriage Profile
Not only a quiet harmonizer in his work as a diplomat, as a self-described workaholic Ban Ki-moon must be able to bring same skill to his marriage to Madam Yoo Soon-taek. Here's information about how Ban and Yoo met, when they married, their children, quotes, and more.

Dalia and Fidel Castro Marriage Profile
Although together for many years, Dalia and Fidel Castro were not married until 1980 in a quiet ceremony. Here's information about their marriage, Fidel's children, and his other relationships.

Quotes About Ariel Sharon, His Marriages, and His Children
Quotes about Ariel Sharon, his two marriages, and his sons and grandchildren.

Marriages of Ariel Sharon
Ariel Sharon, married twice and widowed twice is a father and grandfather who has had to deal with personal tragedy several times. Here's information about his marriages to Margalit and Lily.

Marriages of 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidates
All of the candidates who officially announced running for the Democratic Presidential nomination are married. Here is an alphabetical list of the 2008 Democratic Presidential candidates' marriages.

Marriages of 2008 Republican Presidential Candidates
All of the candidates who officially announced running for the Republican Presidential nomination are married. Here is a list of the 2008 Republican Presidential candidates' marriages.

Anita Thigpen and Rick Perry Marriage Profile
Rick and Anita Perry's successful relationship began when they briefly met as children but they didn't connect until their high school years.

Mary Kaye and Jon Huntsman Marriage Profile
Jon and Mary Kaye Huntsman say they are still sweethearts and best friends. Here's information on how they met, their marriage, and more.

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin Marriage Profile
Since his Twitter fiasco, Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin now have to face their marriage difficulties in public.

Danielle Crittenden and David Frum Marriage Profile
Writers David Frum and Danielle Crittenden have a solid marriage.

Wendy and David Vitter Marriage Profile
Wendy and David Vitter's marriage made headlines when in 1992 Wendy proclaimed no forgiveness for any possible infidelity. Their marriage made headlines again in 2007 when Wendy did forgive David's infidelity.

Importance of Presidential Candidates' Spouses Poll
Historically, voters have expressed interest in the marriages of presidential candidates. Some political consultants believe that the spouse of a presidential candidate doesn't really matter. What do you think?

Darlene and John Ensign Marriage Profile
During a difficult time in his marriage to Darlene Sciaretta, being active in Promise Seekers and being a born-again Christian did not stop Senator John Ensign from having an affair with a campaign staffer and close friend. Here is more information about the marriage of Darlene and John Ensign.

Jenny and Mark Sanford Marriage Profile
The story of the disappearing governor has turned into a story on how an emotional affair can turn into an extra-marital affair. Here's more information about the marriage of Jenny and Mark Sanford.

George and Laura Bush
Information about the marriage, wedding, how they met, and more of George and Laura Bush.

Janet and Mike Huckabee Marriage Profile
Janet and Mike Huckabee's long term marriage began when they were both 18 years old. Their marriage was tested early by illness and later by being in the political spotlight. Here is information about how they met, their wedding, children, their thoughts on marriage, and more.

Becky and Bob Gates Marriage Profile
Married since 1966, Becky and Bob Gates only knew one another for 3 months when he proposed marriage. With Bob working in the CIA and other government roles, they have witnessed a lot of U.S. history during their 40+ years together. Here's information about Becky and Bob Gates' marriage.

Dick and Lynne Cheney
Information about Dick and Lynne Cheney's wedding, marriage, children, and more.

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