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Dede and Pat Robertson


Throughout their long-term marriage, in the midst of criticism of Pat's controversial public comments and revelations about their secret wedding, Dede and Pat Robertson stood together. Here is information about how they met, when they were married, their children, quotes, and more.

Fast Marriage Facts - Pat and Dede:

Wedding Date: August 27, 1954.
First Marriage: Yes.

Did You Know?

Dede met Pat at a sorority party when her hair was on fire. He put the fire out.

News Updates:

5/16/2013: More irresponsible advice from Pat Robertson. This time he blamed a woman for her husband's cheating.

9/10/2012: Pat Robertson advised a man with a problem wife to move to Saudi Arabia so he could legally beat her.

9/17/2011: Pat Robertson created controversy by his comments justifying divorce when one spouse has Alzheimer's.


Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson: March 22, 1930 in Lexington, Virginia.

Adelia "Dede" Elmer: December 3, 1927 in Ohio.

How Pat and Dede Met:

Dede and Pat met at Yale when she was getting her master's degree in nursing.
"Dede Elmer was a Yale nursing student who met her future husband at a sorority party to which the law school men had been invited. While trying to light some candles for the party, Dede caught her hair on fire, and Robertson came over to help her out ... After a year and a half of dating, Dede became pregnant and Robertson proposed marriage."
Source: David John Marley. Pat Robertson: an American Life. 2007. pg. 7.
Dede: "Before I even realized my hair was on fire, a tall man with bushy eyebrows was putting it out," she recalls more than 35 years later. "I think that's probably what attracted me to him. From that point on, I knew my life would never be dull."
Source: Holly G. Miller. "First lady of CBN." Saturday Evening Post. 9/1986. pg. 60.

Wedding Date and Info:

Although they later told family and friends that they were married on March 22, 1954, Pat and Dede actually eloped to Elkton, Maryland and were married on August 27, 1954, ten weeks before their son Tim was born.
"For decades the Robertsons maintained that March 22, 1954 was their wedding date and the date remained unchallenged until reporters discovered the couple's marriage certificate in 1987."
Source: David John Marley. Pat Robertson: an American Life. 2007. pg. 7.


Pat and Dede have four children.
  • Timothy Bryan Robertson: Born in 1954.
  • Elizabeth Faith Robertson: Born in 1956.
  • Gordon Perry Robertson: Born in 1958.
  • Anne Carter Robertson: Born in 1963.


Dede and Pat live in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


Pat Robertson: Founder of CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network), television host to The 700 Club, televangelist, ordained minister of the Southern Baptist denomination, philanthropist, businessman, author, conservative political activist, former Republican presidential candidate.

Dede Robertson: Author, model, nurse, nursing instructor, columnist, CBN vice president, speaker.

Quotes About the Marriage of Pat and Dede Robertson:

Pat: "And we seem to get God's guidance together," Dr. Robertson said about his wife. "But I like that. And she has a good midwestern, common sense view of life and when I run something by her, she's usually pretty much right on in terms of what needs to be done or what shouldn't be done. So it's nice to have a wife you can pray with and work together with."
Source: John Waage. "CBN Celebrates 50 Years of Ministry." UrbanChristianNews.com. 1/12/2010.

Gordon Robertson: "Mom is the glue that holds the Robertson family together."
Source: John Waage. "CBN Celebrates 50 Years of Ministry." UrbanChristianNews.com. 1/12/2010.

Pat: "One of the most oft-quoted myths about marriage must be, 'They lived happily ever after.' Does anybody really believe that? Even in the best of marriages, questions arise, problems occur, and conflicts happen."
Source: Pat Robertson. Bring It On. 2008. pg. 3.

Pat: "As much as possible, my wife and I make our major decisions together. But occasionally, something will come up that we can't agree on, or possibly a matter demands an immediate decision. In those cases, I will make those decisions and take the responsibility before God for them."
Source: Pat Robertson. Bring It On. 2008. pg. 5.

Pat: "I had an overbearing mother-in-law (who is obviously no longer with us!) with whom I found myself embroiled in numerous arguments early in Dede's and my marriage. She'd often say things that I considered outrageous. At first I made the mistake of arguing with her ... My mother-in-law continued to make her presence known, but it was absolutely amazing what a peace and calm came about in our home, as I learned to hold my tongue."
Source: Pat Robertson. Bring It On. 2008. pg. 52.

Pat: "I frankly would advise any man or woman with wealth in excess of $500,000 who is planning to marry a younger person to have a simple prenuptial agreement spelling out clearly the financial understanding between them. There is nothing unromantic in protecting either inherited or hard-earned wealth from the emotional vagaries of a marriage ... It can seem cold and calculating, but for those who have a large estate, or when children are involved, a prenuptial agreement makes sense."Bring It On. 2008. pgs. 28-29.

David John Marley: "During his seminary training Robertson's commitment to his faith deepened, and this only led to more tension with his wife."
Source: David John Marley. Pat Robertson: an American Life. 2007. pg. 17.

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