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Stages of Marriage

The stages of marriage impact a couple throughout their lives together. Many theories and many stages of marriage developed through the years. Love doesn't just go away in your marriage. Realizing that your marriage may be in a predictable stage can be helpful in working through the difficult aspects of that stage of marriage.
  1. Romantic Love (15)
  2. Reality (3)
  3. Transformation (15)
  4. Mature Love (13)
  5. Widowhood (14)

How your Marriage Changes
In writing about how your marriage changes, we don't mean how marriage changed you or your spouse. We don't mean how you maybe changed your name. We don't mean your income tax status. We don't mean your legal status.

Memories of Your Journey Together
Sometimes reflecting on the way you were helps you make plans for the way you want your marriage to be or continue to be. What memories do you have of your journey as husband and wife?

Unconditional Love
Definition of unconditional love in marriage.

The Images of Marriage
What is your image of marriage? There are four general images of marriage.

Companionate Marriage
Definition of companionate marriage.

Marriage Models
What's your marriage like? Here's a look at the marriage models defined by Judith Wallerstein and E. Mavis Hetherington.

Make Your Way Through the Stages of Marriage
Dawn Lipthrott writes that all relationships will go through some predictable stages.

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