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This forum is for adults who are looking for a place to share their personal, passionate opinions about issues that impact marriages. Without the social barriers of real life, members can share their deepest feelings and their crazy ideas.

Marriage Forum Nuts and Bolts

  • Newcomers: Newcomers, we're glad you are here. However, be forewarned that the topics here can be very personal, exciting, intense and challenging. If you come here for advice (which is given freely), know that you may be called to personal growth and responsibility and have to face some painful truths about yourself.
  • Four Marriage Forums: There are four Marriage forums. They are the ideal place for you to ask questions, share your knowledge with others, and discuss marriage and relationships.

You can view the messages in the forums as a guest, or you can post messages and reply to messages by joining About.com.

  • Multiple Family Members: If you and your spouse/significant other are both members of the forum, it is expected that you will not keep your relationship a secret and that you will let the forum know of your relationship. We also require that you each have your own forum identity and screen name. Don't let the forum become peanut butter in your marriage.
  • Advertising, Personal Attacks, Spamming, Sniping: The Marriage Forum is not a place to advertise products or get rich schemes. Make my life easier and avoid advertising, spamming, sniping, and personal attacks.
  • Numerous IDs: Do not use more than one forum ID, screen name, etc. I consider anyone who has numerous IDs in the forum as a troll. Trolls are not allowed on the Marriage Forums.
  • Proselytizing: Proselytizing is not allowed on the Marriage Forums.

  • Getting Your Questions Answered: Although your Guide is always available to answer your questions and queries through email, using the forum may be more beneficial since your message will reach a greater number of people. As a result, a large number of people can contribute to or benefit from the discussions. Feel free to use this forum to ask questions, express your opinion, and spread relevant information.
  • Relevant Sites: Please remember, your can refer users to relevant sites, but sites that are primarily advertisements are not allowed. Your Marriage Guide, Sheri Stritof, will visit the forum regularly and will contribute to and moderate all discussions.
  • Copyright Infringement: Posting copyrighted materials, such as news articles, poetry, song lyrics, etc. is not allowed. You can post a partial quote (no more than 50 words). If you don't know whether or not the material you have is copyrighted, then don't post it.

  • Other Forums: Do not post messages about discussions on other forums or about issues that have been brought up in private emails. These will be severely edited and you could be banned from the forum.
  • Keep Your Posts Civil: Treat others with respect. We expect heated discussion of many topics, but those discussions must remain civil. If you're tempted to flame someone, don't. My definition of flaming is in the FAQ.
  • Massive Editing/Deleting Not Allowed: Massive editing that changes the meaning of the original post or major deleting of posts in a thread will not be tolerated. This disrupts ongoing discussions and is irresponsible and unfair to other forum members. Individuals may lose their posting privileges for this behavior.
  • Posting in ALL CAPS: Don't post in ALL CAPS. It looks as if you're shouting, and it is hard to read.
  • Yes, I Will Ban Folks From the Forum: People who abuse the forum guidelines and terms of use may be banned, as well as those who use the forum to email members with unsolicited and/or abusive messages.

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