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Frank Lloyd Wright and Olga Milanoff Marriage Profile

A Long Lasting Marriage


Frank Lloyd Wright's by chance meeting with Olga Milanoff proved to be the start of a long lasting marriage. Although their relationship had a rocky start with both legal and financial issues to contend with, their marriage relationship lasted until Frank's death in 1959.


Frank Lloyd Wright: June 8, 1867 in Richland Center, Wisconsin. His birth name as Frank Lincoln Wright. He changed his name after his parents divorced.

Olga (Olgivanna) Ivanovna Milanoff: Aka, Olga Lazovich Milanov. December 27, 1898 in Cetinje, Republic Montenegro. Olga was 33 years younger than Frank.


Frank: April 9, 1959 in Phoenix, Arizona (Taliesin West) at the age of 92. Frank never retired.

Although originally buried at Unity Chapel, Olga later had Frank cremated. Their ashes are together on the grounds of Taliesin West.

Olga: March 1, 1985 in a Scottsdale, Arizona hospital.

How Frank and Olga Met:

Frank and Olga met at the Petrograd Ballet in Chicago in 1924 while she was separated from her husband. They had legal problems concerning custody of her daughter and were arrested in October, 1926. Charges were later dropped against them. Olga had to cope with emigration problems and deportation threats for many years.

Wedding Date:

Olga and Frank were married on August 25, 1928 at midnight in Rancho Santa Fe near La Jolla. They honeymooned in Phoenix, Arizona at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel.

Previous Marriages:

Olga's first marriage was to a Russian architect, Vladimar Hinzenberg, in 1917. They divorced in 1925.

Frank had previously married Kitty Tobin and Miriam Noel.


Olga had one daughter with her first husband.
  • Svetlana Hinzenburg. Born in 1917. Married William Wesley (Wes) Peters on April 1, 1935 in Evansville, Indiana. She and her son Daniel died in September 1946 in an automobile accident. Svetlana was expecting her third child in the autumn of 1946. Svetlana is buried at Unity chapel.
  • Iovanna Lazovich Lloyd Wright: Born December 2, 1925 in Chicago, Illinois. Married twice. One daughter.

Occupations and Interests:

Frank: Notable architect and designer. Frank loved to entertain.

Olga: Writer, dancer, composer, philosopher, and teacher.



Regarding Olga and Frank: It was "love at first sight" like "two powerful magnet being drawn together."
Source: Tesla Society

Iovanna, about her father's jealousy: "Mother and father were, as one would say, wildly and passionately in love with each other. The only problem was my father's extreme jealousy of my mother. He was violently jealous. If a man kissed my mother's hand he couldn't stand it. He would bawl her out for a long time afterward, even when she had absolutely nothing to do with it."
Source: About Wright: An Album of Recollections by Those Who Knew Frank Lloyd Wright, page 35.

Meryle Secrest, about Frank's dependence on Olga: "No one who saw them together doubted that the Wrights had a deep and enduring love for each other. He depended upon her completely for the day-to-day running of two vast estates, for dealing with the inevitable conflicts and antagonisms, for lightening his load in all major ways, for companionship, for a special kind of nurturing, for the constant challenge of her able mind."
Frank Lloyd Wright: A Biography, page 515.

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