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Blythe and Dan Brown Marriage Profile


Photo: Dave Hogan / Getty Images

Blythe and Dan Brown in Cannes, France on May 17, 2006 at 'The Da Vinci Code' World Premiere & Opening Gala at the Palais during the 59th International Cannes Film Festival.

Photo: Dave Hogan / Getty Images
The mysterious women in Dan Brown's life are not just in his novels. His wife Blythe is also mysterious and reclusive. Here's information concerning Dan and Blythe Brown's marriage.


Dan Brown: June 22, 1964 in Exeter, New Hampshire.

Blythe Newlon: Abt. 1952 in Palmdale, California.

How Dan and Blythe Met:

Blythe and Dan met through the National Academy of Songwriters in Los Angeles, California when he traveled there in 1991 to be a songwriter. Blythe was the artistic development director of the organization.

Wedding Date:

Dan and Blythe were quietly married in 1997 at Pea Porridge Pond which is near North Conway, New Hampshire.


Dan: Novelist, English teacher, Spanish teacher, songwriter, producer, and actor.

Blythe: Artistic development director, painter, lover of art history. She helped get Dan's writing career started in 1995 by arranging for 187 Men to Avoid: A Survival Guide for the Romantically Frustrated Woman to be published. Blythe was Dan's research assistant when he wrote Angels & Demons.

Blythe also played a large role in the production of The Da Vinci Code by her support and research. Blythe introduced the theory about Jesus' bloodline surviving the Crucifixion and encouraged the "idea of the sacred feminine" in the theme of the book.

Working Together:

Both at work and at home, Dan and Blythe use email as a way to communicate with one another, even when they are in the same building.


Blythe: Religion and art. She does not like being in the limelight.

Dan: Playing squash and tennis.


Dan and Blythe have a home on the New Hampshire coast in Rye.

Quotes About the Marriage of Blythe and Dan Brown:

Dan about working together with Blythe: “This was wonderful. I now had a sounding board and a travel partner on research trips ... She also served as a first-pass set of eyes for new sections I was writing.”
Source: MSNBC

Dan about communicating with Blythe via email: “It may sound very cold, but that’s often how we communicate at home.”
Source: MSNBC

Dan in court: "My wife has always been a tremendous support system."
Source: USA Today

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