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Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Spouse


A great present to your spouse on Valentine's Day is one that says you care and that you remembered.

1. Flowers or Living Plants

Flowers as the language of love started back in the 1600's. Flowers are still a powerful communication tool today.
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2. Candles

Candles usually signify romance. Buy several!
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3. Godiva Chocolate

Named after a "sympathetic wife, a lovely Saxon named Lady Godiva", these chocolates are considered by many to be the world's most elegant, hand-crafted chocolates.
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4. The Tingler

No, this isn't a Medieval torture device. This copper massager will create good energy by gently massage your spouse's scalp by touching acupressure points and giving a great deal of delight. It doesn't require batteries and isn't complicated to use. We have one and love it!
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5. Jewelry

Do some research first to discover the type of jewelry your spouse wears so this trinket won't end up hidden away in the jewelry box. Many wives love heart shaped lockets or necklaces.
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6. Body Pillow

Helps your spouse sleep like a baby. Provides extra support.
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7. Fragrance Gifts

Bath salts, bubble bath, perfume, cologne, skin creams, soaps, after shower rinses, and more. Make sure you know the type of fragrance that your mate loves.
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8. Romantic Music

Find your romantic special song, and play it as you take a romantic drive.
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9. Gift Certificates

Use online gift certificates only if it is the very last minute and you are desperate! Better yet, make up your own certificate/coupon for a short trip out of town together, or for a picnic or dinner and a movie out, or for a massage. Be creative.

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