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Many folks hit a wall when it comes to being creative in what to give their spouses on their seventh wedding anniversary. Readers have shared successful gift suggestions and ideas for how to make your seventh anniversary an anniversary to remember throughout your marriage. The traditional gifts are considered wool and copper, while more modern gifts usually include desk sets.

Moscow Mule & Wool Too

I made a gift basket for my husband containing the ingredients for Moscow Mules including copper mugs from which to drink them. I then made a liquor bottle holder from wool for the Russian vodka. So, he got a gift that was both copper and wool. Plus, since it was a drink, it gave us a nice night cap for after our anniversary dinner on the town.
—Guest Melissa28

Cute Idea

I bought my husband a copper wallet card from a shop I found on Etsy called TheCopperPennie. I was able to personalize it with our special joke. My husband loves it and won't stop taking it out of his wallet to look at it!
—Guest brik25


My husband is an avid hunter. So for copper I gifted to him a couple of boxes of ammo. Its an extra he doesn't usuallybuy for this specific gun. He lloved it. :)
—Guest Christine

Outside the Box

It took me a while but I eventually realised copper is in all electrical equipment. I bought my husband the whippet lamp he has had his eye in for a couple of years.
—Guest Neeka

Wool and Copper

I found a vintage wool blanket from US Airways in addition to a keychain with a copper disc that reads "lucky us" with a penny from the year we got married.
—Guest Sara

Lucky #7

The other day I found a lucky penny (heads up), from the current year, which gave me the idea for my 7th anniversary card, "I'm the lucky one." I found one penny from each year we have been married, and glued them to the card envelope in the shape of a 7. I only used the first one of each year I found rather than picking the shiniest. I thought this was a simple, thoughtful idea others could incorporate into any 7 year anniversary.
—Guest Amazing Days


My husband likes to team rope, so i had spurs made for him with copper details. He loved them!
—Guest nikole

Copper Cuff Links

I am planning on getting my husband a set of copper cuff links for our upcoming 7th anniversary. :)
—Guest Jessie

7th Anniversary

I received a antique copper kettle, and I gave my husband a copper bed warming pan.
—Guest Joanne Jackson


I knit my husband a little wool heart and put it in his card. My friend took her husband's favorite childhood toy -- a little car and had it dipped in bronze.
—Guest Erin

Do You Live Near a Copper mine?

We are fortunate enough to live in Utah near a copper mine. So, we celebrated our 7th with a family day trip to the copper mine. We won't ever forget it.

May Be Too Corny For Some

This suggestion may be too corny for some, but we bought one another matching Pendleton wool shirts. We like to hike and they keep us warm and will last forever, reminding us of our seventh wedding anniversary.
—Guest Henry

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