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Many folks hit a wall when it comes to being creative in what to give their spouses on their ninth wedding anniversary. Share your successful leather gift suggestions and ideas for how to make your ninth anniversary an anniversary to remember throughout your marriage. 9th Anniversary Ideas


Willow Tree figurines sound like they are perfect for this anniversary. And they have so many appropriate husband and wife poses. I already have one, plus the entire nativity. Hoping my husband goes this route.
—Guest Dawn

Leather Flowers in a Willow Vase

My husband and I always break everything, so for this anniversary I got us POTTERY wine glasses, and for my husband to contribute I found him LEATHER flowers (on eBay, I still gotta get a response if the seller can make me a leather poppy) and a WILLOW vase (if that doesn't beat a cricket bat any day then I don't know what will)
—Guest Sascha

9th year Anniversary

Need ideas on what to get my wife for our anniversary. Its a last minute gift
—Guest Roger

Amethyst a No Go

I bought my wife a tri-set of complementing Amethyst charms on a silver Pandora necklace. My thoughts? 9th Anniversary - Lapis Lazuli Alternates: Amethyst Purple is one of her favorite colors and I know Amethyst would compliment her wardrobe, but all she did is complain that I didn't get her something Willow or Leather or Porcelain. So next year she mentioned diamonds, but that is a modern gift and since she bought me traditional this year, should I not just buy her something tin or aluminum next year since that is traditional for the 10th anniversary? Why switch to modern next year, just for the diamonds??? So confused....
—Guest Lost


We had been looking at getting a leather couch for several years--this was a perfect time to go for it!
—Guest Shannon


Blue willow pattern china makes a great gift and an unique idea
—Guest happy

Leather Gloves

My husband loves to cook, and especially on the grill. He's always getting my regular (white) oven mitts filthy by using it while he grills, so I took advantage of the leather prompt this year and got him a pair of black leather grilling gloves!
—Guest Amanda

Our Own Willow Tree

I'm going to order a willow tree (found them for a good price online from a tyty nursery) that we can plant and call our own. Apparently they grow very quickly!
—Guest Sarah

Pottery What Fun

This year for our ninth anniversary I'm going on the pottery theme. We're taking a casual walk by our local pottery place (like color me mine) but more homey, and I've arranged for a private table set to "paint your own pottery". I've prearranged it with the owner, so it will be just the two of us for a few hours after a little dinner to paint and chat and enjoy each others company. She will fire the pieces for us and in a week or so we'll have a lovely matching bowl or mug set to remember our ninth anniversary with. Maybe I'll even have a little vase of willows at the table to serve as inspiration!
—Guest Lindsay

Pottery AND Willow

Came out of the 9th anniversary a hero... gave her a romantic "picnic basket for two" set, with willow basket and pottery (ceramic, close enough) plates. :-)
—Guest Bullwinkle

9th Anniversary

LEATHER mail organizer, POTTERY bowl for his favorite snack, WILLOW baskets for organizing his desk area.
—Guest kelly


I purchased a set of matching leather passport holders and included a love letter about all the places I would love to travel with her.
—Guest Milton

9th Anniversary Ideas

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