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Many folks hit a wall when it comes to being creative in what to give their spouses on their ninth wedding anniversary. Readers have shared successful leather gift suggestions and ideas for how to make your ninth anniversary an anniversary to remember throughout your marriage.

Paint Your Own Pottery

Since pottery is one of the traditional gifts suggested, we went to a local pain your own ceramics place. It was a lot of fun. I painted a lion for our youngest child, and my husband surprised me by picking a plate, and hand stenciling the word "Family" and painting five sets of feet (us, our kids, and our pooch).
—Guest Krystyna


Willow Tree figurines sound like they are perfect for this anniversary. And they have so many appropriate husband and wife poses. I already have one, plus the entire nativity. Hoping my husband goes this route.
—Guest Dawn

Pottery AND Willow

Came out of the 9th anniversary a hero... gave her a romantic "picnic basket for two" set, with willow basket and pottery (ceramic, close enough) plates. :-)
—Guest Bullwinkle

9th Anniversary

LEATHER mail organizer, POTTERY bowl for his favorite snack, WILLOW baskets for organizing his desk area.
—Guest kelly


I purchased a set of matching leather passport holders and included a love letter about all the places I would love to travel with her.
—Guest Milton

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