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Readers Respond: Your Best Marriage Advice in Ten Words or Less

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The collective wisdom about marriage is fascinating but some advice is long-winded. What is your best marriage advice in ten words or less? Share Your Advice

From Dad

Make your husband feel sorry that he's leaving the house.
—Guest Melody

Until Death Do Us Part!!

People change over time. Remain open, flexible, and communicate!
—Guest Rick


Most times honesty is not openness,you may be honest to your partner but not been open to him or her. Openness in this sense means not keeping secrets or hiding anything from your partner,no-matter how big or small the situation may be,and no-matter how serious or irrelevant the issue may seems to you,your partner needs to know about it. You must try as much as you can to be transparent to your partner and make all your doings transparent as well,that is Openness and it has a way of building a solid trust among couples overtime.
—Guest Joe Christian

Love Your Wife

Marriage is much enjoyed if you love your wife. It is an institution that you get your certificate before you start the course. Allow God to play a major role in your marriage. Everyday try to say sweet words to your wife.
—Guest isaac

Happy Marriage

Engage God to work within our family, and be a family which can solve problems for its self. Understand each other and be able to forgive.
—Guest muriungi

I Wish I Knew

marraiage i know is meant to be filled with happiness and sometimes otherwise.but my marriage is so much pain. we have sex once or twice a month,he doesnt compliment me, we do not discuss so many things aside us coz he calls it gossip. he beats me when i react after accumulated anger. hes never bought me a gift and this is the 3rd year of marriage, he insists always on his ways, he doesnt know me and how i feel, i am filled with lots of ambitions but he never listens to my dreams and aspirations, i have a blog he has never read, i dont feel any emotional or tender side. i am basically just existing in marriage. so what advice can i give????? Editor's Note: You can take care of yourself by seeking advice from a women's shelter. No woman should put up with a husband who beats her.
—Guest jolomi

Forgiveness and Appreciation

We should always learn how to forgive and also appreciate. That is the greatest thing in this world. So we should take note thanks.
—Guest offei-twum eben

Honesty and Trust

Be honest about who your spouse is and trust that they will be exactly that until they prove otherwise. Manage your expectations and love them for who they are.
—Guest CWest


Let go of things that happened in the past. Start over, pretend like you just met your significant other!!!
—Guest angela

Two Thoughts

1. If you aren't sure after a year of dating if this person is for you - they aren't. 2. The love between you should grow stronger everyday - through every challenge, adventure, and loss.
—Guest Shasta3

Brag, Baby, Brag!

The best advice I can give is to always compliment your spouse to others. Do so in his or her presence AND in their absence. Oh, and never, ever criticize your spouse or your marriage.
—Guest MyMarriageInCrisis.com


A great marriage takes 2 good forgivers. So hard to be on your game everyday. No one is perfect, to err is human to forgive is divine.
—Guest Christine


Always give 100%, never expect anything in return, that way you will always be surprised!
—Guest eva saunders

Really Love

Never just say I love you. Let the love fill your body and flow from you truthfully and honestly. And NEVER in a hurry.

Asian Marriage Advice

This is agreed by EVERYONE, even among men and women. "Always lose to your wife. It's not worth fighting over."
—Guest asdf

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Your Best Marriage Advice in Ten Words or Less

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