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Readers Respond: Best Marriage Advice in Ten Words or Less

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The collective wisdom about marriage is fascinating but some advice is long-winded. Readers share their best marriage advice in ten words or less.

From Dad

Make your husband feel sorry that he's leaving the house.
—Guest Melody


Always give 100%, never expect anything in return, that way you will always be surprised!
—Guest eva saunders

Really Love

Never just say I love you. Let the love fill your body and flow from you truthfully and honestly. And NEVER in a hurry.

Asian Marriage Advice

This is agreed by EVERYONE, even among men and women. "Always lose to your wife. It's not worth fighting over."
—Guest asdf

Wives Must to Listen

She must to listen more then she speaks. It can lead both to the loyalty & agreement.
—Guest Adut Abdoun


I love my husband because we do everything together, wash, cook, clean. We have a bond a very Clear for all to see friendship. We never turn against each other despite our fights at times get loud. Most things are better said than held inside especially to and with each other. Loyalty respect trust faith in God Spiritual practices such as praying for each other as a wife be submissive. He is the head and what he says goes but if you disagree you are entitled to your disagreements, and opinions. Sex as often as possible is very important, that physical connection with each other is fun, closeness, exercise the way you interact with each other forever is based on what makes both male and female happy. Spend time together and ask god first if him/her is for you and pay attention to each other in detail.
—Guest wifeyforever


I learned that the husband comes before the children and that he is the head. If you don't agree on a matter submit to his leadership and take it to God. God will work it out. As long as you both stay on one accord there is no room for destruction. You don't always have to agree with him to be on one accord. I am speaking from spiritual principles. This is not always easy to do but it does keep peace in the home.
—Guest keyjones

What You Give is What You Get

If you love tenderly you will be loved back. If you love cluelessly you will be loved silently. Words of wisdom.
—Guest Gladys

King Bachelor

DON'T DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Relish your freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest Tj Kountz

Don't Flog a Dead Horse

When I discussed how hard it was trying to make my marriage work, and wanting advice, my father said that if it ended in divorce, my parents would support my decision. He said by divorcing his first wife, he was then available to meet and marry my mother, with whom he enjoyed 50 years of wedded bliss.
—Guest Do what's best for you both.


Enjoy the simple things together. Pray, attend church, enjoy cuddles, and meals together.
—Guest jennifer

Understanding Your Spouse

Always seek to understand, don't wait to be understood all the time.
—Guest Eunice Ohidah

#1 Advice

Know you can't change the other, but you can change yourself!
—Guest thinkmarriage.org

My Marriage Advice

Work on your relationship as if it were in trouble even when it's not ... go to weekend retreats in your community or travel! thinkmarriage.org has a ton of them!
—Guest momaroni14

My Experience

1. Friendship is as important as love. 2. A happy wife is a happy life. Specific counsel to young women: 1. Pay attention to his relationship with his mother and to how he treats her. Even if she is a bad mother, he must respond to this in an emotionally healthy way. 2. Choose someone who loves and respects women in general. You will be all the more special to him.
—Guest Citizen K.

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