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Readers Respond: Time Capsule Suggestions

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From the article: Anniversary Time Capsules
Consider starting a tradition of creating a time capsule on your anniversary or at the beginning of each year. What would you put in a family time capsule? Share Your Ideas

A Letter to Each Other and a Goal Poster

A letter written to each other to be opened when the time capsule is opened is very romantic. Also, making a goal poster of what you both want for your future together.
—Guest Nicole

Additional for Time Capsules

Maybe each other's current height and weight, to see if over the years there are significant changes.
—Guest Starr

Flip For Flip Video Memories

With the advent of the Flip video, you can try making a recording of you and your honey on your wedding anniversary. With the Flip you can easily and quickly upload it to your computer and then burn it onto a disc (either CD or DVD). You can then put that hard copy of the recording into a time capsule. Do these through the years of marriage and one day play them back or even consider leaving a legacy of advice for your children, grandchildren, and so on!


A music cd with favorite songs on it. By the time the time capsule is opened, they may not be able to play it, but someone may still have a player that it would work on!
—Guest Ray

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Time Capsule Suggestions

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