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From the article: Anniversary Time Capsules
Consider starting a tradition of creating a time capsule on your anniversary or at the beginning of each year. Readers have shared what they put in a family time capsule.

Flip For Flip Video Memories

With the advent of the Flip video, you can try making a recording of you and your honey on your wedding anniversary. With the Flip you can easily and quickly upload it to your computer and then burn it onto a disc (either CD or DVD). You can then put that hard copy of the recording into a time capsule. Do these through the years of marriage and one day play them back or even consider leaving a legacy of advice for your children, grandchildren, and so on!


A music cd with favorite songs on it. By the time the time capsule is opened, they may not be able to play it, but someone may still have a player that it would work on!
—Guest Ray

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