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Readers Respond: Where Do You Spend the Holidays

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Deciding where and how to spend the holidays can be a tough decision. Where do you spend the holidays? Do you rotate holidays, spending one holiday with her family and the next holiday with his family? Do you stay home? Do you escape to a tropical island? Share what you decided and how you spend the holidays? Share Your Experiences

Currently Rotating

Although I feel we should celebrate Christmas with my family (due to the 20+ year tradition) and Thanksgiving with his (who do not have holiday family traditions), we are currently rotating. Last year was Thanksgiving with his family and Christmas Eve with mine and this year we will switch.
—Guest Jennifer

At Home

We decided that being at home for the major holidays created less stress and more enjoyment for our children and ourselves. Thankfully, our parents understand.
—Guest Helen

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Where Do You Spend the Holidays

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