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Readers Respond: Ways to Tell If Your Spouse is a Liar

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  • You Will Know When....

    ....he answers with a question. ...he stops saying "SORRY" when he's late.! ....he says "I don't know what your saying"! ...he walks away & conversation stops.! ....he gets that stupid grin, after causing an argument to steer you off the topic.! ...he instantly gets mad before there is even a reason to get mad! ....he's that "REAL ROTTEN" type of a person when a couple months later the topic comes up again and he denies that the 2 of you ever had the conversation at all!!

    Lying Is In Her Blood

    She is always lying ...could you believe I didn't know the real her for like 1 yr of our relationship... sad... Idon't really know what to do...
    —Guest momo donald

    Bide Your Time

    Act slightly 'off' when they come home - slightly annoyed or abrupt. If they are guilty they tend to hang around, rather than going on with whatever they usually do when they get home. They mull around waiting to be confronted or to see if they think you are on to them. Works best if you are busy and can observe them non-directly.
    —Guest AniLizor

    Trust Your Gut

    I am recently engaged, prior to my engagement, I found a receipt from a jewelry store for the purchase of a diamond engagemt ring. I asked my partner he said he couldn't remember if he as engaged then he said he wasn't, and i let it go, but knew someday the truth would come out i hoped it would be from him. Once I met friends & family everyone would tell me they loved that he had found someone like me. That they hated his ex & couldn't believe they were going to get married & they were engaged. I had to act as though I had already known. I thought too I was worth the truth. He's a liar & a cheater!!
    —Guest Wasted time

    Deer In the Headlights Look

    My wife gets the classic deer in the headlights look. She thinks she's getting away with something. Hee hee!
    —Guest mrbill78

    How to Tell a Lie

    Your gut tells you the truth, believe in it. You just know a lie when you hear one. Do your research, google how to tell when someone is lying, you will see what guidelines the police use. SPY! Nothing to me felt worse than not knowing the truth. Wanting to believe I was worth the truth.

    All the Above and More ...

    Hubby's done all of the above. He accuses me of being jealous if I ask questions about anything or anyone. It's like I am to believe him even when it's obvious he is lying. Once a woman in a bar talked about the great times they spent together and sorry she didn't write; to please get a cell phone, everyone has one. He ignored her. So I said he acts that way sometimes and she verbally attack me about interfering with her and her friends conversation. I said I was just trying to help her out because she seemed concerned that he was not talking to her. She ask what concern it was of mine and I said I was not sure but I should know how he acts because we had been married 20+ years. She put her fist in her mouth and ran out of the business. He says he didn't know her and she was drunk. Then there's the woman he held hands with at a play. By evenings end she was rubbing his crotch. In front of everyone. He said she was drunk & he did nothing wrong. It's getting old & so am I.
    —Guest bonnie

    Going Quiet

    My x partner would go guiet when confronted, and within minutes do the clear of the throat and the hmmm business and then he would make the retreat to the bathroom - cowards! lol.
    —Guest annnie


    ...there are so many ways to tell. Mine has done all those things, and more. And most of the time, it's over stupid stuff I would not get mad about to begin with.

    Belly Button Test...

    Experts say that a man or woman will turn their lower body away from you when they're lying. Make sure he/she is facing you head-on (no sitting) when you question them. Works everytime.
    —Guest pookie

    Staring At You Without Blinking

    Most people say that eye contact, being able to maintain it that is, is an indication of honesty. I have experience with individuals who maintain a fixed stare, (it feels like they are glaring at you in a direct challenge) when they are telling lies. Something to consider. Usually the face is rigid and unkind. Hope that helps. :)
    —Guest Jane

    Women Are Evil

    I can tell most of the time when my wife doesn't want to tell me some thing the truth about some thing and here's 3 ways I can tell. (If I ask her a question about some thing) 1 she looks at me quickly kinda nervously and say what or who dear and tells me a story and giggles. Or 2 she gets irritated and starts arguing about some thing completely off topic and tries to piss me off. Or 3 she acts really busy and says can we talk about this later.
    —Guest Trenton

    Nail on Head

    My wife has gone through about all of those actions ... she used to be an angel ... now evil.
    —Guest matt

    Hate Men LOL

    I can tell when my husband is lying because he starts to get mad an looking away and walking away!
    —Guest Jenifer

    Trust My Gut

    I just trust my gut. My husband does avoid looking me in the eye when he lies and he easily mixes up what he is telling me, so those are signs too. But I mainly listen to what my fluttery tummy tells me.
    —Guest Jillian

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    Ways to Tell If Your Spouse is a Liar

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