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Readers Respond: Ways to Tell If Your Spouse is a Liar

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    I can tell most of the time when my wife doesn't want to tell me some thing the truth about some thing and here's 3 ways I can tell. (If I ask her a question about some thing) 1 she looks at me quickly kinda nervously and say what or who dear and tells me a story and giggles. Or 2 she gets irritated and starts arguing about some thing completely off topic and tries to piss me off. Or 3 she acts really busy and says can we talk about this later.
    —Guest Trenton

    Nail on Head

    My wife has gone through about all of those actions ... she used to be an angel ... now evil.
    —Guest matt

    Hate Men LOL

    I can tell when my husband is lying because he starts to get mad an looking away and walking away!
    —Guest Jenifer

    Trust My Gut

    I just trust my gut. My husband does avoid looking me in the eye when he lies and he easily mixes up what he is telling me, so those are signs too. But I mainly listen to what my fluttery tummy tells me.
    —Guest Jillian

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